***This round of 11.5 COSAs has ended***


1. How does this online self-paced learning program work?

This is a self-paced program created by staff from the San Antonio Public Library which will allows participants to create their own pace and take control of their own learning.

Benefactors are encouraged to work together in their libraries and departments to share their insights and discoveries with others through their own blogs and in person. The 11.5 Cosas program is web-based.

2. Who can participate?

This program is open to staff of the San Antonio Public Library Organization. Each employee must register her/his own blog. Participants who complete the 11.5  program will receive Digital Badges to display on their blog and on the staff intranet directory.

Non-SAPL staff can complete the program, but are ineligible to earn incentives.

3. Will you provide me with a mobile device?

No, SAPL will not provide any participant with a device. You may use a library-owned device,  library computers (with supervisor’s permission), or personal devices for your self-directed learning time.

4. How do I register my blog?

Creating your blog is Lesson 1, and after you have created a blog, register here. We will add your blog to the list of Participants’ Blogs if you agree to share publicly. If you decide not to share, we will not post anything. Also, since we add the blogs manually this may take a week or more.

5. How long do I have to complete the program?

Employees who wish to receive the completion incentive must register their blogs by April 30, 2015 and complete all 11.5 Cosas (and blog about each one) by September 30, 2016.

*The goal is to complete the 11.5 COSAs by the end of September 30 but supervisors do have the latitude to give staff more time if circumstances warrant an extension. You should speak with your supervisor if you need more time to complete the training.

We recommend that one lesson per week be completed.

6. Are there prizes?

Yes! Employees who complete the entire course will receive a completion incentive. You must register your blog as described in Lesson 1 and complete all Cosas by September 30, 2016.  Only registered SAPL employees are eligible for prizes.

7. How do I track my progress of the 11.5?

You will create a blog of your own in Lesson 1- Series 1 to track your progress. Please use your blog to write your reactions to the exercises and add any ideas you may have on how to use apps for yourself and/or your library. This is your time to experiment, have fun, and learn at your own pace.

To help track your progress, include the Cosa # in the heading of each blog post. It will help you and the 11.5  Team track your progress. It is helpful when you want to refer back or add something new on a specific topic or tool, too.

8. How will you know I have done all the Things?

You will write about each lesson you complete (see previous question) and we will be tracking your progress throughout the program by checking your blog post.

9. Can I blog anonymously?

Yes and no. Since you control all the information you share on your blog, you can choose to use a screen name to keep yourself anonymous if that makes it more comfortable for you. However, if you want to be eligible for the prizes, you must register your blog, your name, and a valid email address. Your blog name will be posted, but your name and email address will not be identified on that page.

We want you to share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback. How else can we be innovative if we keep all our innovative ideas and thoughts to ourselves? Let’ s break down our walls of isolation and join forces to become a culture of learning and recognition. You cannot be recognized if we do not know from which beautiful brain the thought came from.

10. How much do I have to write in my blog posts?

Each post must describe which lesson you have completed (remember to put that in the post title, too), what your experience was learning about it, and ideas about how you can use this in your library location, for professional development, or personal growth. We do expect thoughtful reflection and active participation that is clear. Single sentence posts or words which do not reflect the activity will not count.

11. Will there be any training classes offered on how to do this?

Yes and no. We will have weekly workshops you can sign up for and work on your lessons, or to come in and get one on one assistance if needed. Keep in mind that your Manager and Tech Liaison have already created their blogs. Staff are encouraged to work together in their libraries and share with each other their discoveries. The 11.5 Team will be available by email and through their blogs to answer your questions about the program and apps.

12. Is there any tech support?

Send an email with your questions to mysapl11.5@gmail.com or leave a comment on the 11.5 Cosas blog. We try to answer questions within 24 hours during the week, however, remember to seek guidance from each other.

13. Why do this?

This is a fantastic opportunity to spend time on your OWN personal and professional development. All library staff should be and need to be up-to-date with the latest trends and technology tools. We need to take the time to learn how theses tools can be utilized in our libraries and to know the tools being used by library patrons. This is your time, are you ready?


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