Exercise 11.5: Wrap Up


Congratulations!  We’re so proud of you for completing 11.5 COSAs Series 2.  It’s been a journey and we acknowledge your effort to carve out time from your busy schedules to learn and develop your skills.  Those skills are not only beneficial to you, through your evaluations and continued development, but also beneficial to our patrons who rely on our services every day.  Remember, to visit the Self Directed Learning LibGuide and to check the Trumba Staff Calendar to see what staff development classes are available.

Keep in mind the many technology changes the library has experienced in just a few years.  Every day, new opportunities to close the “digital divide” are presented, and public libraries are on the forefront – you’re on the forefront – of overcoming this challenge by providing a bridge over which more and more people can cross; and this happens due to your commitment to increasing your knowledge.  So: bravo to you.  If you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, you deserve it.  Proudly display your badges; go ahead and introduce yourself as a “tech ninja,” or unabashedly tell people you’re “tech savvy;” however, before you charge off to conquer the digital world, please give us your feedback on your experience by completing this online survey and by reflecting on your learning by posting a few thoughts.

***(Please fill out, in order to receive your completion prize and badge).




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