Exercise 3: Part 2: Marketing Tools

Part Two:  Creating Attractive and Effective Marketing

First things first:  the Marketing LibGuide.  You’ll recall we learned all about LibGuides in the first part of our 11.5 COSAs lessons and the Marketing LibGuide is quite useful.

Some of the very important items you will find on the Marketing LibGuide:

Flyer Templates

Flyer templates have taken away all of the hard work in creating flyers for your programs AND they help us present a consistent marketing message to all of our patrons.  If you have a special event going on, please do follow the special event procedures or submit a request in advance to have different marketing materials prepared for your event.  For most library events though, the flyer template should be able to meet your needs.  And Marketing has even put together a very useful document with tips on using the flyer template!flyer tempalte 2

Finding a Fantastic Photo for Your Flyer

Finding the right photo for your flyer does not need to be difficult or fraught with worry about copyrighted images.  SAPL has a subscription to several ThinkStock collections and you will definitely find something you are pleased with.  The Marketing LibGuide has all of the details on how to go through this process, but it’s really as easy as visiting the ThinkStock Photos webpage, searching within the parameters given on the LibGuide and then requesting the images you want through a Marketing request.  Marketing is lightning fast in their response to getting you an image, so don’t let that put you off!

Video Tutorial:  Resizing Images

So now you’ve found the perfect image – but it does not fit perfectly into your flyer – what to do?  Don’t just shrink or enlarge so that you end up with a stretched out image.  Trust me when I say that resizing an image is critical element to an attractive flyer.  Remember that an attractive flyer says a lot to patrons – and not just about the program information.  A flyer that is attractive and created with care shows professionalism, commitment and respect for the topic.

Luckily the Marketing team has put together a video for us that demonstrates how to do this easy but often tricky task.  It’s less than three minutes, but you might want to take a few notes so that you can nail it!

More Great Tools on the LibGuide…

Be sure to explore the LibGuide in depth and discover the other great tools available to you.  There is a template for PowerPoint presentations, Frequently Asked Questions, signage that you might need to commonly use, digital display templates, and even a tips and tricks section that will teach about the various tools you might need to use from the Marketing department!

Wait a minute…I already know all of this!

If you already know how to use these tools and are a frequent user of the LibGuide – that’s great.  Let’s take it a step further.

Owning It

There are several really fun online resources that can help you personalize, create and do more.

My personal favorite is Canva.  It’s completely free, but you do need to create an account (no other information than an email address is needed).  You can make flyers, bookmarks, collages, invitations, posters, infographics and more.  And it is REALLY user friendly.  Basically you pick what you want and it guides you through the rest.  You can make a beautiful creation in no time.  They even have tons of copyright free images that you can edit to your liking or use for whatever you happen to be making.

Here’s a sample of some of the things you can create (but there’s much more):


Now there’s a couple of ways to use this and I’m sure you’ve already had a few ideas yourself!  And just browsing through the options might give you a ton of ideas too.  Check out this neat Fiction vs. Non-Fiction pamphlet that is PREMADE on the site and can be edited to suit your needs.

fic v nf

(Due to recent changes in PicMonkey’s business model, it has been removed as a resource for this lesson.)

And with all of this fun and fancy talk about graphics and design, don’t forget about the actual content.  The Hemingway Editor is immensely helpful in recognizing common grammatical mistakes and advertises that it will make your writing “bold and clear.”  It highlights passive voice, adverbs and provides other hints about using shorter or more effective words to replace others.  It will even show you how “hard” your writing is to read by grade level.

(PS – it’s a great tool for writing reports and making sure you sound like the smartest person in the room!)





Please name this blog entry: Lesson 3 Challenge

Do you use any of these tools on a regular basis?  Write about whether or not you think you can use these tools to create better marketing pieces.  Then create a piece of marketing regarding a service that is offered at your branch by using the flyer template, Canva or PicMonkey.  Share the document (or a screen shot of it) on your blog post.

"STOP"- Please complete this challenge.

“STOP”- Please complete this challenge.

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4 comments on “Exercise 3: Part 2: Marketing Tools
  1. cristiane yamada says:

    Canva is very easy to use. If I am making my own flyer using Canva, how do I add the SAPL new logo?

  2. fmanuelr2003 says:

    I enjoyed using the graphics editor at Canva.com. In learning canva, I changed the font, color, and pictures. Best of all, you can import JPEG pictures into canva and make your own graphic display.

  3. sapltexana says:

    I could not find the Fiction/Nonfiction template on the Canva site. Was it from Picmonkey? Also, the majority of photos for use in Canva cost money. That was irritating.

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