Exercise 8: Part 3 – Practice Communication





To complete your challenge for Exercise 8, you have two options:

Please name this blog entry: Lesson 8 Challenge

OPTION 1 (where you get to be imaginative!):

Imagine two situations where you are interacting with someone via Skype, Google Hangouts, or a Mondopad.

  • Situation 1:  You are having a virtual meeting with a colleague at a nearby branch; discussing a potential collaborative program between the two branches.
  • Situation 2: You are conducting a virtual reference interview with a patron; this is your first time meeting this patron, so you have no background information about their interests or likes.
  • Use your imagination and write a brief paragraph explaining the details of both situations. (Explain the collaborative program and specify what the patron is searching for, etc.)

Then write about …

  1. The benefits of having the meeting online rather than in person
  2. Any challenges, inconveniences, or issues you encountered
  3.  If you would meet online with this person again
  4.  If you would meet with anyone else online, and who might that be
  5. Would a traditional in person meeting have been better? Why?


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  • OPTION 2 (where you get to play with technology!): Depending on the limitations of your branch—such as whether or not you have access to a staff laptop or tablet, a Mondopad, or any other functioning SAPL technology—you may need to complete option 1.


  • Kindly ask your branch’s Tech Liaison for assistance in setting up a telecommunication tool that currently works at your branch.


  • When you’re ready, contact a staff member from another branch who is capable of telecommunicating with you and your chosen tool. Decide who will call who—and then chat for a few minutes using one of these (Google Hangouts or Skype) platforms. Talk about anything work-related, such as an upcoming program at your branch that you are excited about or maybe a city-wide event. Or you could even chat about a recent book you’ve read or movie you’ve seen! Afterwards, type up a summary of your conversation as well as what you noticed during the call.Post it on your blog.


  • Here are some key things to consider explaining: What did you talk about? Was it an easy conversation to have digitally, and why or why not? Was the quality of the video good or bad? How was the sound? Was it easy to initiate the call and/or answer the call, or did it take a few tries?After your summary, think about other ways we could use these technologies for SAPL, as well as with our patrons. Write a paragraph explaining your thoughts.

Hopefully these exercises give you a better idea of the changing world of telecommunication. With so many communication options available, we can best help our patrons understanding the general capabilities of these technologies—and we can also help ourselves by opening up new ways of collaboration with our peers!

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One comment on “Exercise 8: Part 3 – Practice Communication
  1. This was fun! Thanks to Stephanie V. at GNW for working with me on this.

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