Exercise 4: Databases- EBSCO






Did you know that not only can you perform research in EBCSO databases but you can also find magazine articles for popular periodicals? For example, when all of your Consumer Reports Magazines go missing and you have a patron looking for the most recent article on cell phones, you can find the article by searching the EBSCO family of databases.

We are going to use Academic Search Complete as the example for EBSCO databases.Academic Search Complete

Please be aware that the interface will be the same for all EBSCO products.

Part 1: To look for a specific topic in a particular publication such as Consumer Reports:

  • From the SAPL Databases page, open Academic Search Complete
  • Enter your search term(s). For this training, we are going to use “cell phones” (hint: putting search terms in quotes ensures the search for the phrase “cell phones” not the words cell and phones)
  • Under the Limit your results section, type in Consumer Reports (typing in just the word Consumer will bring results for all periodicals that use that word in the title, give it a try and see the different results)
  • Click on Search

EBSCO Arrows





Please name this blog entry:

Lesson 4: Challenge 1:

  1. Find and open the article titled “The Right Phone for You” in the results list. Select the version PDF. Click on the email option on the left of the page, enter your email address and mysapl11.5@gmail.com, in the To Field. For Subject put your full name and your location.
  2. Search for the June 2014 Consumer Reports issue by using the “Publications” and  the “Published Date” limiters.  How many articles are there in this issue?



Part 2: Find the entire publication, such as Consumer Reports Oct 2015:

  • Open Academic Search Complete
  • Click on Publications at the top
  • Type in Consumer in the Search Box
  • On the results list click on Consumer Reports

ebsco Publish Arrow

There should now be a description of the publication on the left side of the screen and on the right side is the list of all monthly issues that are in the database. Clicking on a year will bring up another menu (a cascade menu) for the volume (month) of the issue. Once you click on the volume, all articles in that issue will be listed and can be read in any order.





Lesson 4 Challenge 2:

  1. How many articles are in the May 2001 issue?
  2. Search for Consumer Reports volume 80, issue 9. How many articles are retrieved?


Ninja tip: On the page with the description of the publication you should also see a “Search This Publication” link. Click on this link to search within all the magazine issues. This is similar to the first part of this lesson where you entered the publication title into the delimiter search box. Clicking on the link automatically populates the JN (journal name), simply enter your search term in the next box and you should end up with the same results as the very first search you did.

“STOP”- Please complete this challenge.

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