Exercise 10: Online Mapping:

Do you remember family summer car trips?  Unfolding the map in the backseat, finding landmarks or hotel exits, helping your family navigate and explore unknown places.  Just like a print map, online maps allow you to explore by location, proximity, scale, orientation, route and a whole host of other mapping tools.

Please go to Google Maps to play with these concepts.



Location:  most people who look at a map have a destination.

First, type in the name or address of a branch you have always wanted to go to but never had a chance to visit.

Scale: use the + and – symbols on the map to zoom in or out to an area you would feel comfortable walking or biking.



Proximity: Use the “Search nearby” function of Google Maps to find a nearby restaurant.  Could you get to the nearest restaurant on your lunch hour?



Route Street View: Use the directions arrow symbol in Google Maps and choose the walking man or bicycle symbol, to see how far you would have to go to eat.  You can also click on the Street View to enter.

Now, let’s learn a little about orientation.  Drop the little man onto the red marker, and you should now be in “Street View.”  Now you can use the little arrows on the street to go the direction and see what buildings and houses you pass.   This can be very handy when someone says “It’s the bright red building next to the subway restaurant at 2221 Culebra.”









Please name this blog entry: Lesson 10 Challenge

A patron visits your branch library and they only have $1.50 in their pocket.  They are trying to figure out if they can take the bus from your branch to the nearest McDonalds later today because they have an interview.  Practice using Google Maps directions and write in your blog about how easy/hard it would be to get to their interview by bus and about how much time it would take.


"STOP"- Please complete this challenge.

“STOP”- Please complete this challenge.

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5 comments on “Exercise 10: Online Mapping:
  1. fmanuelr2003 says:

    RE: Google Maps***Personally, I like using mapquest.com to get driving directions. But, Google Maps is also ok. Use Google Maps to find your home. I think the satellite in orbit takes a picture of your home every six months or more.

    I like Map Quest because you can choose to avoid driving directions that involve driving on the highway.

    • sapljulia says:

      I like to avoid highways too. If you like, Google Maps has an option as well for this:
      once you select directions – > car, under Options select “Avoid highways.”

  2. ramonalucius says:

    I’d suggest also double-checking with VIA on any info you find on Google Maps. GM’s info is 1-3 years old and in San Antonio that can make a big difference, with road construction and all.

  3. Sally Bauer says:

    yes- I would also suggest using VIA’s website too. viainfo.net

  4. karensebesta says:

    What a great customer-helping tool! Love it.

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