Exercise 1: Part 3 Trouble Shoot

There are times when you will come across questions from patrons that may stump you. But there are lots of little tips and tricks that can make your life easier! First, here is an excellent reference lib-guide that could help http://guides.mysapl.org/Pharos.



Printing Questions

“How do I Print?”

  • Seems very basic but is one of the most asked questions and can be answered simply by explaining to the customer that they will need to be logged on a computer in order to print from the internet. The best option is pressing the print icon or going into file tab and printing from there. Also make sure the customer knows that they have to continue answering all questions until they get a “successfully sent to print release station” message. They will then need to go to MFD and login in order to receive their prints. And make sure you tell the patron prior to printing that they need to add funds to their account.

When a customer wants to print out a file attached to their email they will have to download the file before they can print it out. (We are using Google Browser in this example below)


They can do this by clicking the download button in their email. An icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on the icon will make your document appear with a tool box where you can print out your document.

“How do I print out a PDF file from my email?”

  • The first thing they should do is look for a download button or tab. By clicking this it actually downloads to the computer where they can view the file and print the file. If you print out from the view screen before downloading you may get blank pages printed out!


“It says to save as a PDF file when I press print?”

  • Sometime in April we were experiencing a glitch with printing from Google or Gmail. Every time you would print it will ask you to save to a PDF file. The fix for this was simply changing the destination to the printer set up screen.


  • Another problem was locating the patron’s flash drive after the new windows 7 update. To locate your flash you type in e: under file name and press enter. This will open your flash drive, then you can type in a name for the file and  click save. Some branches may use the d: drive instead. You can also open your flash drive by clicking on the icon on your desktop associated with your flash drive.





**Every week, a new lesson will be posted.**

Next week Lesson 2 will be posted.

"STOP"- Please complete this challenge.



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5 comments on “Exercise 1: Part 3 Trouble Shoot
  1. redleoviv says:

    I thought I was the only one experiencing that whole save to PDF only issue. Abbey helped me fix mine after sharing my frustration and it was just like you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Learning how to locate a drive was very helpful. I’ve done this at home without problem, but with Library computers it’s a bit different. Now I know EXACTLY how to do it on a library computer. Thanks!

  3. ramonalucius says:

    I wish there was a way we could have a warning message pop up whenever a patron starts to print an email: “Stop: If you want to print an attachment, you may need to download it first.”

  4. fmanuelr2003 says:

    Your print jobs on the library public computers are great if you use Google Chrome. On the other hand, sometimes the customer cannot print when using Internet Explorer. So, my browser of choice is Google Chrome.

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