Exercise 1: Part 2 File Management-Dropbox


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What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is an online backup facility which stores your data on their servers using Cloud Storage (which we covered in the first series) so that you can share files with others using file synchronization. The concept of Dropbox is that you can simply access your files anywhere and they can be shared with others. All files you save in your Dropbox account will instantly reflect the same in your computer, Phone, iPad and device with Dropbox access.


How does it work?








Save the zip folder below to your USB and unzip the folder and it’s contents.

-Move the zip folder to your USB

-Right click on the zip folder.

-Extract or save the zip content to your USB.

-Open the PDF file

-Fill out the PDF Certificate and save to your USB as my_certificate.


blue folder

Click on the BLUE folder to access the zip.


Lastly, send your completed certificate to mysapl11.5@gmail.com




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8 comments on “Exercise 1: Part 2 File Management-Dropbox
  1. carmenernst says:

    The video short explaining the process of DropBox was quite informative.

  2. ramonalucius says:

    I’m wondering about the value of Dropbox as an archival site. The Dropbox FAQ doesn’t address this, but is their a statute of limitations as to how long documents can be retained on Dropbox? And if a new version of Dropbox is developed, will the documents placed in the earlier version still be accessible?

  3. sapltricia says:

    If you are unable to save your PDF with your information please try a different computer. My first attempt did not allow me to save the edited doc. :)tm

  4. snapdragon says:

    Learned to always check downloaded on my computer

  5. […] Lesson 1 – Part 2 and you will practice using Dropbox and earn a new badge to add to your […]

  6. fmanuelr2003 says:

    There are several online backup facilities: Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and iCloud. I think the best deal for free storage capacity is Google Drive. They offer 15 GB of storage for free. Plus Google offers free office suite software.

  7. The video short doesn’t work claiming a copyright issue.

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