Lesson 6, Part 1: Social Networking

Objective: Learn about Social Networking

Social networking is using the Internet to create and/or maintain social and professional connections and contacts:

  • Use your social networking connections to expand your circle of acquaintances anywhere from a close-knit group, up to a global scale;
  • Use your social networking connections for work and play purposes – learn about distant places; share information and ideas with other professionals, friends, and family over great distances; keep in touch with people with whom you might otherwise have lost touch;
  • Share your thoughts, ideas, plans, goals, successes and failures with people you know or meet through social networking.


Read this article


on the history of social networking.

 *If you are having trouble viewing this article, please copy and paste the url into IE Browser instead of Chrome.

After reading it, go to your blog and describe how social networking has made an impact on your life.

Did you reconnect with friends from the good old days? Did you meet someone online, were you able to get a job through social networking?

Please name this blog entry: Lesson 6 Part 1 Challenge


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One comment on “Lesson 6, Part 1: Social Networking
  1. dprettyhair says:

    What happened to picking up the phone or writing a letter to communicate instead of logging on to social media?

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