Lesson 5: Search Engines

Objective: Learn about Search Engines

You want something from your much cluttered garage but you have no idea how or where to find that specific thing, or even where to begin looking. If you were very organized you might inventory and catalog everything in your garage and assign each item some form of ID which would make specific things easier to find. This works great so long as you’re the only one putting things in your garage; but, what if anyone was free to come in and store stuff where ever he/she wanted? The Internet is like a massive, virtual garage – really, it’s more like a massive, virtual self-storage facility where anyone can park their stuff… ANYONE! How does one find anything?

The unglamorous task falls to search engines. You tell a search engine what you’re looking for… say, “chocolate cake recipes,” and the search engine plumbs the wilderness known as the Internet to locate and retrieve what you requested. This all happens in nanoseconds – ridiculously fast. The search engine, with its complex index sorting code, sends its crawlers out across hundreds of millions of webpages and retrieves pages which best suit your criteria. A search engine is a lot like an automated librarian, although not as handsome or personable. A search engine doesn’t know everything; like library staff, it narrows your search in the cluttered Web.

Search Engine examples:





Go to http://21cif.com/tutorials/challenge/Q2Q/KeywordChallenge.swf

Try a couple of the Keyword Challenges and see if you can get 100% on any of them. Write a blog post talking about your experience with the keyword challenge..

Please name this blog entry: Lesson 5 Challenge

"STOP" Please complete Challenge for this lesson.

“STOP” Please complete Challenge for this lesson.

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One comment on “Lesson 5: Search Engines
  1. My favorite search engine is Yahoo.

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