Lesson 3, Part 2: LibGuides

Objective: Learn about LibGuides 

What are LibGuides? 

MySAPL’s Resource Guides are created by library staff with a passion and expertise in a subject. They are a great tool when you are talking to customers. LibGuides were developed by Springshare to help you do your job more efficiently and share knowledge.


How to Search for a Libguide:

Go to the LibGuide Search box and look for your favorite subject. Or you can select a category on the menu.

How to Talk to Customers About LibGuides:

Most of our customers have no idea that we have LibGuides. You can use LibGuides to explore a subject together, or use it as a “closer” for your Reference conversation. Maybe you’ve been helping a customer with baking cookbooks and you want to show more, but have other customers to help so you want to leave them in a good place. Tell them how the Cooking LibGuide can leave them with some sweet resources http://guides.mysapl.org/cooking


Take a couple of minutes to explore the wide variety of available LibGuides.  

Pick 3 LibGuides for the public: http://guides.mysapl.org/

Reflect on how you could use these resources and tell us about how you would use them to assist customers. Do you have any regular customers that would love these LibGuides?

Pick 2 staff LibGuides: http://www.intranet.sat.lib.tx.us/Training/default.asp?linkid=1022

Write a paragraph about two LibGuides that could make a difference to your fellow staff.

Please name this blog entry: Lesson 3 Part 2 Challenge

I’m excited by LibGuides.  How do I contribute to one?

You will need to have training first – contact Digital Services for more information and to get permission to edit in LibGuides. Once you’ve had the required training, you can contact the author of a specific Libguide and offer to help. You can find departments and staff on the Intranet Directory.

Anyone can send a suggested link or resource to the author of a LibGuide via email – just look them up in the directory and let them know why you think the resource would fit their LibGuide on a subject.

"STOP" Please complete Challenge for this lesson.

“STOP” Please complete Challenge for this lesson.

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