Lesson 4, Part 2: Chrome Tips

Objective: Learn about Chrome

The following are some advantages of using Google Chrome as your browser. 

IE (Internet Explorer) runs as one process; Chrome runs under many processes. If one tab in Chrome crashes, only that tab crashes and it’s less likely that it will crash your whole browser. Whereas if one tab crashes in IE, it’s much more likely that it would crash IE altogether.  

Microsoft updates Internet Explorer through Windows Update, which also provides updates for Windows itself. Google Chrome automatically updates itself through the Google Update service, installing new versions in the background.

Chrome lets you sign in with your Google account to allow customization and the ability to import your own Chrome settings on any computer.

sign in menue                                                               sign in

Google Chrome also allows us to instantly search without having to go to the Google page. As soon as you open Google Chrome, you can either enter what you are searching for in the address bar and hit enter or, you can enter your search on the start up Tab page.


“With great power comes great responsibility”

Google Chrome is a great web browser that has revolutionized the way we surf the web but, Chrome tends to be a little too nice when it comes to remembering our data. It automatically stores tons of information, just in case you might need it again in the future. Auto complete may get in the way sometimes and auto form fill tends to be a great feature but, only if the form data doesn’t change.

There are many Google Chrome features that become little annoyances only because we share computers.

The best solution is to create a new Google account specifically for SAPL computers and sign in and out of chrome. This will let you import all your information like bookmarks, homepages, and extensions to any computer with Chrome.

Or, you can clear your browser history by doing the following steps: click on the 3 bar menu, then Clear History or go to Settings – > Show Advanced Settings – > Clear Browsing Data.

settings AdvArrowpoint

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4 comments on “Lesson 4, Part 2: Chrome Tips
  1. carmenernst says:

    Most informative!

  2. pequena78070 says:

    A lot of “small” facts were presented I didn’t know. Hope it makes life at work quicker and easier.

  3. Russ says:

    Chrome is the future!!!!!…for now

  4. maria3satx says:

    Learned something new about Chrome, especially since I don’t like it as my preferred browser.

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