Lesson 2, Part 1 : Windows 7

Objective: Learn about Windows

What is an operating system?

An operating system is the software that basically manages the computer. Read page 1 on the link below to learn more about what an operating system is. Feel free to explore the rest of the tutorial for more information.


Windows 7 is the new operating system the library is using. One of the main differences between the old system, Windows XP, and the newer, Windows 7, is the way the icons are laid out on the page. A perfect example is the Start Menu button: the Start button is now round with the Windows logo– your cue that all Windows related stuff is stacked beneath, whereas before, the Start Button was a green box that had the word “Start”


Much of how the system works is still the same. One of my favorite features is the ability to have more than the standard three Quick Launch icons on the Taskbar (the long usually blue bar that goes across the entire bottom length of the computer screen). This area now allows for pinning of shortcuts, instead of the Quick Launch Bar and its tiny icons used by Windows XP. To pin a shortcut, simply drag the icon to the Taskbar; you should see the message “pin to Windows Explorer,” let go of the icon, and, voila, there is now a shortcut to your chosen program.

It is also easier to search for an item now. Instead of having to launch the slow Windows Search Companion, you can now search straight from the Start menu.

windows search

Please note that we will only be hitting the tip of the iceberg for Windows 2010. If you still have questions, be sure to delve deeper into some of the following training modules:

Check out the first minute of this video from Microsoft that compares Windows XP to Windows 7:


Here is a page from GCF LearnFree.org that gives a great comparison of Windows 7 and Windows XP http://www.gcflearnfree.org/windows7/1.3

Learn about the new desktop with the tutorial below:


Feel free to read all pages of the tutorial for a better understanding of the changes associated with Windows 7.


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3 comments on “Lesson 2, Part 1 : Windows 7
  1. dprettyhair says:

    Very Informative

  2. markina17 says:

    I think this all depends on what version of Windows you are working on, and if you have several windows open. However, when all else fails, the Start icon gives you options to search for files.

  3. I learned more than I expected.

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