Lesson 1, Part 3: Following a Blog

Objective: Follow a blog

In your exploration of the blogosphere, you hopefully found a few blogs that you’d enjoy reading again.  Blogs are like magazines, and there’s a feature which allows you to “subscribe” to a blog and have the ability to read new content when it’s available.  You can “Follow” a blog or add it to your reading list to have access to the latest postings created by the blog’s author(s).  Depending on the blogging service you selected, the steps to follow a blog might vary a little; however, both WordPress and Blogger offer easy ways to follow a blog you like.

Follow a blog on WordPress

If you are using WordPress.com you can follow another WordPress blog by clicking on the “Follow” button.  There it is… up there, on the left top of the browser window:


All you have to do is click on the “plus” sign and the blog you are reading is added to your WordPress Reader.

If the blog you want to follow isn’t on WordPress.com, you can still Follow it.  Sign in to your WordPress account.  Once signed in, click on “Reader” which is located on the upper left hand side of the WordPress front page:


Look on the right side of the screen for the heading, “Blogs I Follow.”  Click on the “Edit” button next to “Blogs I Follow”:


In the box which appears, enter the address of the blog you want to follow:

Example: http://sapldan.blogspot.com/ (this is a Blogger site)


Now click “Follow”.  The blog will be added to your WordPress Reader and you will be able to access new content every time you log in to WordPress.com.

Follow a blog on Blogger

If you are using Blogger.com you can follow another blog by signing in to your account.  From your Blogger dashboard look for the heading, “Reading List.”  There you will find an attractive button that says, “Add”:


Click on “Add” and enter the address of the blog you want to follow in the box provided.  Blogger will look it up and ask you if you want to follow the blog “publicly” or “anonymously.”  That part’s up to you.


Once you have the blog address in the box, click “Follow” and Blogger will add the site to your list which you will be able to read every time you sign in to Blogger.


Follow our blog and the blog of your tech designee.  Use the instructions above and follow the 11.5 Cosas blog and the blog created by your location’s (department’s) tech designee.  Here’s the address to the 11.5 Cosas blog: https://sapl2014.wordpress.com/  Now, ask your tech designee for his/her blog address and add that one to your reading list or Follow it as well. Finally, create a brief blog entry and tell us about your experience.

Please name this blog entry: Lesson 1 Part 3 Challenge

Once you’re done with this lesson, kick back, relax and be ready for Lesson 2, Part 1 next week.


” STOP” Please complete Challenge for this lesson.

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