Lesson 11.5: Are You an Edge Library?

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The San Antonio Public Library has accepted the Edge challenge to better ourselves for our own benefit and for our community. 11.5 Cosas is one of the ways we are working to reach the benchmarks set by the project.

What is Edge?

Edge is a nationally recognized management and leadership tool that is helping libraries and local governments work together to achieve community goals. With this professional tool, libraries can be better positioned to address community issues – like creating a stronger economy, ensuring workforce development and leading lifelong learning.

Edge was developed with an understanding of the challenges libraries face today. Technology demands and challenges are different for every library, just as each community has unique needs and demographics. Through completing the Edge Assessment, libraries evaluate their current services and identify opportunities for improvement.

The Edge Assessment evaluates the library’s public technology services. Through the assessment tool, libraries understand best practices in technology-related services for their communities and determine what steps they need to take to improve their public technology programming.

The Edge Benchmarks are divided into three strategic areas: Community Value, Engaging the Community, and Organizational Management. 11.5 Cosas addresses Benchmark 8 – Staff Expertise. Take some time to review the resources provided for each section on the Edge website.

Libraries have sufficient staff with technology expertise to help patrons achieve their goals.


The library provides staff with work time to engage in technology related learning activities

-All public services staff are allowed work time to engage in technology-related learning activities such as webinars, online tutorials, or classes


Library staff assigned to assist patrons are responsible for maintaining technology competencies.

-Job descriptions for public services staff contain technology competencies and responsibilities

-Annual evaluations for public services staff include review of technology related performance

-Annual goal setting for public services staff includes expectations for technology performance


Staff assigned to assist patrons are able to answer patrons’ technology questions.

-100% of public services staff are able to assist patrons with basic technology questions

-25% of public services staff in each location are able to assist patrons with intermediate technology questions

-10% of public services staff in each location are able to assist patrons with advanced technology questions

Why are we doing this?

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